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At “La Mortella Garden”, one of the most beautiful garden in Europe, starts the festival.

We will meet here on the 21st of September greeting all festival’s philosophers, scholars, students and people who decided to join this great event.

At 5 p.m. all participants will be registered and they will receive all info about the conference sessions. 

We will get the chance to know each other better in a wonderful atmosphere enjoying a welcome cocktail.

After, at 19 p-m. starts the opening conference.

On the previous day (20th of September), the Mortella offers a free concert (generally a piano concert) open to all. The concert starts at 8 p.m.

To book for both events, please send an email after the program is out, to:

Please remember that the festival program will be out on the 1st of September. Before that you cannot book or reserve any service.

To reach the garden:

– Bus lane 1, 2 or CS from the main Bus Station located in Ischia Porto. It takes about 25 minutes. Bus stop: Mortella in Forio.