Summer School

25-22 September 2018

The Ischia Summer School of Humanities aims to offer a unique insight in the many ways philosophy deals with contemporary world, creating an open space where students and teachers can freely debate. The main focus of the Summer School is the relationship between philosophy and new forms of communication, with regard to the ethical-political problems of today’s society. The main objective is to offer a distinguished teaching experience in an interdisciplinary context.

The theme of the first edition will be “Forms of Relation. From Philosophy to Public Space”. Starting from the various ways philosophy has thought relation from the logical-ontological standpoint, during the four days of the Summer School the students will be offered a global and multidisciplinary perspective on the complex connection between philosophy and community, but also a deeper insight about the ways philosophy itself can give its own contribute in various sensible areas of today’s public debate: the problem of truth in public communication, the debate about new digital media, the way philosophical and ethical problems are dealt with on a public and institutional level (bioethical and justice issues, relations between different cultures and religions).

The Summer School will take place on the Island of Ischia, in the Gulf of Naples, in the beautiful Guevara Tower, in front of the Aragonese Castle and next to the green sea of Ischia Ponte.

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