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Yoga lessons on this program are based on Ashtanga Yoga, a dynamic practice with so many beneficial effects on body and mind.

A short introduction into this practice will be followed by breathing exercises and self perception, which will be then leading us from one posture to the next one. Each class will be adapted to the level of the participants. No need for any special yogic background to take take into these lessons. Lesson will be in Italian with simultaneous translation into English (if request).

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About Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga

Yoga is the combination of physical, mental and spiritual healing practice meant to render our mind steady, our body stronger and purified, through daily dedication.

Ashtanga Yoga is a yogic philosophy compiled before 400 AC by Sage Patajanli into the Yoga Sutras (Aphorisms) based on older traditions. He explained the eight (ashtau) limbs (Anga) of Yoga describing them as: Yama (ethic rules to follow), Nyama (virtuous habits and behaviours), Asana (postures), Pranayama (Breath control and retention), Pratyahara (retracting the sensory experience), Dharana (concentration, introspective focus), Dhyana (meditation), Samadhi (spiritual contemplation).

Physical benefits are many and easy to recognize already after the practice. Heat created by practising regenerates and clean your body from toxins accumulated. Daily and steady practice will result into stamina and lightness in your body.

Determination, discipline, effort and awareness are crucial for our physical and spiritual growth. Knowing that the yogic journey is personal and intimate, we learn to trust, listen to our internal voice, find within ourselves the seeds which are ready to become blossoming flowers.

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Teacher: Vania Passin

I love walking barefoot, but in winter I wear funny socks. Modena is my hometown, but Mysore and India became my adoptive home. I quit my “regular job” in a bank to completely dedicate myself to studying and practising yoga. I was born in the region of tortellini and salami, but I chose to be vegan.

Yoga in the West is the ultimate fashion and “makes you feel good”, but that’s not enough to me. Yoga is a path I chose to walk many years ago: it helps me becoming a better person and puts on my way beautiful people, seekers, like myself.

Leaving data and figures to the establishment I decided not to belong to, this is just a short overview of my ongoing learning, which will go on forever.

In January 2018 she receives the “blessing” – authorisation to teach Ashtanga Yoga by her master R. Sharath Jois from KPJAYI Institute in Mysore, India, and at the moment she’s the only teacher authorised in Emilia Romagna.

This recognition is the result of 10 years of practice, 8 of them devoted to daily daily study and practice.

First approach to this discipline dates back to 2007 with Hatha Yoga and soon focuses solely on Ashtanga.

Great appreciation and deep gratitude go to her reference teacher Elena De Martin: she taught and supported Vania, until she let her as assistant, in a relationship of mutual trust and respect.

In 2012 she left her job as bank employee and moved to Mysore, India where she spent a long period to study and l practise in the birthland of Ashtanga Yoga.

Since then she returns to India for some months every year to deepen her knowledge and understanding.

Beside the Indian long retreats, she attends Meditation, Nada Yoga and seminars with..

reference teachers in Yoga practice and philosophy.

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