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Philosophy is a discipline characterized by a series of systems in which to define the world around us.The philosopher is a curious observer, one who watches the consistency of reality. To teach wisdom, or to earn it, is not an easy task and even though the philosopher aims for this through several behaviours (sceptical, cynic, and so on…).  He will rarely call himself wise.

The philosophers are commonly viewed as closed in by a peculiar world. Stereotypically, the philosopher is someone who has “his head in the clouds”.  How many times have we heard the expression, frequently in the area around Naples, “are you a philosopher?”.  Thus, “the philosopher”, seems to be out of convention and beyond common standard or routine.

The philosopher is habituated to speak and think in monologue. He loves to debate and is necessarily a big talker. Often he speaks too much, taking the philosophical argument toward far to serious levels. While at other times, he is silent while thinking about what he hears, he begins the long inner monologue. Aesthetically, he usually has a dishevelled look: he does not stay current on the new trends even though he is an expert of the aesthetic.

The philosopher hopes to teach us to know ourselves and to relate with others.  In this, he is an elegant master.  He is a born teacher, a “master of the human distances and connections”. Like a child the philosopher loves to ask himself: why? From this little question may come both obvious and amazing discoveries of our history.

The relationship between teacher and pupil is often characterized by reciprocity. Often in a single question are hidden several answers. When experimenting philosophy with children, you may be astonished in seeing how previously complex issues are simplified through their thoughts. To listen to a child means to understand what is asked of us.  To listen to a philosopher means to remember what was thought to be obvious.

The Festival will host those children of Ischia who have decided to join our initiative.