The enterprise of philosophy has, throughout the ages, become much narrow, be it in the humanities or in the so-called human sciences. Philosophers are nowadays often considered relicts of the past, useless figures that do not engage with the practical world outside of the academy. Indeed, the contemporary philosopher has created a chimerical space in […]

Values. Continuity and Changes

La Filosofia, il Castello e la Torre – Ischia International Festival of Philosophy and Summer School of Humanities 2017  The Cultural Association InSophia, together with the International Center for Philosophical Research of Palermo (CRF), University of Toronto, Mississauga (Dep. Visual Arts) and the cultural association NapoliFilosofica, backed by the Association G. Sadoul, the Italian Institute […]


The Aragonese Castle This huge cliff, celebrated by Ludovico Ariosto and inhabited by Vittoria Colonna, represents the emblem itself of the Island of Ischia, due to its extraordinary beauty. If castles are fascinating, the Aragonese Castle of Ischia is even more mysterious, as it stands out of the sea, detached from the rest of the […]

Philosophy and Paideia

Philosophy is a discipline characterized by a series of systems in which to define the world around us.The philosopher is a curious observer, one who watches the consistency of reality. To teach wisdom, or to earn it, is not an easy task and even though the philosopher aims for this through several behaviours (sceptical, cynic, and […]

Summer School

“Figure del Nichilismo” 25-28 Settembre 2017   After the big success of the first edition of the Festival, our intention is to develop the original idea and to expand the event following new, complementary directions. Starting from this year, the Festival will also feature a Summer School, in order to create a new philosophical space […]

Fiolosofest – 2015 Edition

An international festival of philosophy that will create a deeper contact between the public and the “mother” of all disciplines. This was the idea that brought us to create “Philosophy, the Castle and the Tower”, whose 1st edition took place in 2015 and whose aims were to give a new meaning to philosophical thought within […]